Celler Sanmartí

Tenth Century Farmhouse and Winery.

Vineyards and wine from the Pla de Bages designation of origin

Our cellar

Celler Sanmartí has ​​a documented winemaking tradition dating back to the year 996. We have recently rehabilitated and adapted it while taking advantage of historical elements such as the ceramic vats for our production process.

Its location in the basement of the farmhouse allows us to work with gravity, and with excellent temperature stability.
Our Cellar is defined around a great historical and family heritage, a cultivation management taking advantage of the heritage of a brilliant era of our recent past, and incorporating the best technology to guarantee the production of wines of great quality and above all with the utmost respect for the natural environment, and for the history of wine in Bages, which at Mas de Sanmartí we have a lot!

Our vineyards

In addition to recovering old "Macabeu" and "Sumoll" vineyards, we have replanted vineyards around the farmhouse. We selected the land respecting the biodiversity of our territory. Currently composed of white pine, oak and oak forests, boxwood, thyme, rosemary, cereal fields, olive and almond trees and recovering the terraces with dry stone margins typical of the Bages.

The varieties chosen are those that already existed on the property at the end of the 19th century (picapoll, macabeu, sumoll, mandó and grenache).

Our Wines

We harvest by hand, in 20 kg harvest boxes. We refrigerate the grapes in the same vineyard and maintain the temperature until the entrance to the cellar. After the manual harvest, we make a second selection at the entrance of the harvest train, and a third at the selection table.

Sanmarti 1018 Garnatxa Sumoll

Sanmarti 1018 Macabeu Picapoll

Atles Macabeu 

Satèl·lit Macabeu

Saltamarges Garnatxa

Wine tourism

We are excited to share our vineyard and winery experience and accommodation with you. You just have to ask us for a date and time a little in advance, and we will arrange for you as best as possible.

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Organic and quality wine


We work with the criterion of minimum intervention for all our wines, so that the wine is the best possible reflection of the characteristics of our grapes.

- Joan Sanmartí

A Aglaner Activitats, S.L. sempre tenim present la importància del Medi Ambient, tant per a la societat com per a les nostres activitats. Per això, en el nostre compromís per reduir l’impacte ambiental, s’ha fet una inversió mitjançant la instal·lació de plaques solars sobre marquesina, cosa que ens permet generar energia neta, renovable i sostenible per el nostre celler.

Aglaner Activitats, SL ha invertit un total de 15.136,36 € més IVA, en 18 plaques (mòduls) solars, amb una potència unitària de 550 W, sent la potència total instal·lada de 9,9 kWp i estimant una producció anual de 12.728 kWh/any.

Aquesta inversió s’ha dut a terme gràcies als ajuts del Programa d’incentius lligats a l’autoconsum i l’emmagatzematge, amb fonts d’energia renovables, en el marc del Pla de Recuperació, Transformació i Resiliència, finançat per la Unió Europea – NextGeneartionEU, obtenint una ajuda de 7.314,95 € 

Estem orgullosos de contribuir a la transició cap a una economia més sostenible i esperem inspirar altres empreses a seguir aquest camí en la construcció d’un futur més net i més verd per a tothom.

If you want to make a query, you want to receive information about activities or events, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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