Celler Sanmartí has a documented winemaking tradition since 996. We have recently rehabilitated and adapted it while taking advantage of historical elements such as ceramic vats for our production process.

Its location in the basement of the farmhouse allows us to work with gravity, and with excellent temperature stability.
Our Cellar is defined around a great historical and family heritage, a cultivation management taking advantage of the heritage of a brilliant era of our recent past, and incorporating the best technology to guarantee the production of wines of great quality and above all with the utmost respect for the natural environment, and for the history of wine in Bages, which at Mas de Sanmartí we have a lot!

The ceramic vats

We have rehabilitated the ceramic vats, which we use for the fermentation of our red wine varieties.

We therefore use the original ceramic, but with temperature control and the latest technology to be able to apply the most convenient vinification techniques.

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