Our wines.

Eighteen thousand, because Bages wines have been made at Mas Sanmartí for more than a thousand years. And Satellite, because sometimes we also want to travel far and make little pearls, simply for the pure pleasure of doing unique and different things.

We work with the criterion of minimum intervention for all our wines, so that the wine is the best possible reflection of the characteristics of our grapes.

We harvest by hand, in 20 kg harvest boxes. We refrigerate the grapes in the same vineyard and maintain the temperature until entering the cellar. After the manual harvest, we make a second selection at the entrance of the harvest train, and a third at the selection table.

Our cellar is dug underground: we transport the grapes by gravity and enjoy temperature stability .

We ferment in ceramic vats, in an open boot or in a stainless steel tank with the aim of highlighting the intrinsic characteristics of each variety. We carry out microvinifications not only by variety but by plot, maintaining each of these wines independently until the last moment until the blend prior to bottling.

Sanmarti 1018 Garnatxa Sumoll

A different red wine, despite being made with two traditional varieties from the Pla de Bages. Garnacha gives us color, fruit, floral notes and spices, as well as softness and maturity in the mouth. The character of the sumoll, wild and sometimes difficult to tame, becomes with this blend the perfect counterpoint of rusticity and acidity that allows the wine to pass lightly through the mouth but with all its flavor and aromas.

Restorative, electric and with temper, a wine that does not leave indifferent.

Sanmarti 1018 Macabeu Picapoll

High aromatic richness, thanks to the blend of these two typically Bagenca varieties. The characteristic freshness of the picapoll, with its citrus and acidity, combines with the white fruit of the macabeo. The work for months with lees and the slight step in the boot of the macabeo gives volume and greasiness. Thus, we find the balance of freshness and fluidity with the complexity and creaminess that the mother skin brings.

Pure expression of the territory in its white version.

Atles Macabeu de Vinyes Velles

This amazing wine comes from a very old Macabeo vineyard. Powerful aroma, which combines citrus notes with ripe apple. Aging for six months in bota gives us complexity and volume in the mouth.

Wine with a lot of structure, which allows pairings that go far beyond what we would normally do with a white.

Atles Picapoll

The wine has a bright golden color that attracts attention from the first moment.

On the nose, you can perceive the notes of aging on lees and the impact of oak, which bring a foral and spicy expression characteristic of the Picapoll grape variety. The aromas of anise and baked apple intertwine harmoniously, creating a rich and powerful ensemble.

In the mouth, the wine opens up wide, filling the palate with a powerful white.

Its liveliness stands out, with a core of intense flavors and a creamy texture that reveals the influence of years of aging.


The wine exhibits a pale yellow color with young golden reflections. Its aroma combines the sweetness of the fruit, with prominent notes of red apple, and a spicy background of aromatic herbs such as sajolida. On the palate, it is a powerful and mature wine, with an entry that fills with the creaminess of well-ripened macabeo, revealing notes of white fruit and pulp.

The journey in the mouth is long and refreshing, thanks to an acidic tension that balances the volume of maturity. This acidic tension merges with hints of citrus peel, leading to a clean and vibrant finish, where fresh fruit dominates the lingering memory.


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