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Denomination of origin Bages

In addition to recovering old "Macabeu" and "Sumoll" vineyards, we have replanted vineyards around the farmhouse. We selected the land respecting the biodiversity of our territory. Currently composed of white pine, oak and oak forests, boxwood, thyme, rosemary, cereal fields, olive and almond trees and recovering the terraces with dry stone margins typical of the Bages.

Currently, we have nine hectares of vines cultivated entirely in organic production. Nine hectares of vines cultivated entirely in organic production.


Our ancestors extended the area dedicated to the cultivation of the vine by creating parcels separated by banks of dry stone, taken from the sandstone and limestone layers of the land itself.

We have replanted vines in the same fields, respecting the historical landscape and taking advantage of the soils that had been left fallow for years. We have fenced the vines with wooden poles, in trellises or some in pots.

The varieties

Celler Sanmartí bets on native and ancestral vine varieties, as they were grown on the property hundreds of years ago. In this way, at the moment we have vineyards of Garnatxa, Sumoll, Mandó, Macabeu and Picapoll.

The land

The soils of Sanmartí are moderately deep and of a moderately fine texture formed on Paleogene marls and limestones. These are soils with a limited water retention capacity, which with the climatic conditions of the area, will mean that productions are limited but of a high quality.

The cultivation

At Celler Sanmartí we only work in organic farming, respecting the area's biodiversity. In this way, all our vineyards are certified by the CCPAE.

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